WildCow Emergency Pet First Aid Kit

WildCow Tan Pet Kit Collage

40 Piece Medical Pet Disaster Kit/Bug Out Bag for Dogs, Cats, Small Animals (Solid Tan)

We never want to see our companions injured in any way. We can’t guarantee they won’t get hurt, but we can make it easy for them to heal faster. Made for disaster, survival and emergencies, our pet first aid kit comes with all essential tools fitted snugly in a small pack so you can take it anywhere.

  • Pet Survival Kit for Emergencies – Do you want to safeguard your pet at all times and places? Even if they become injured? Indoors or outdoors, you can always be prepared for emergencies with this pet first aid kit intended for dogs, cats and small animals.
  • Canine First Aid Kit – Should your pet become injured during hiking or traveling where it may prove difficult to find a vet. The pet kit can be carried anywhere due to its small size and portability. This durable, compact dog/cat medical kit with 40 diverse items serves as your backup resource in case of injury (not a substitute for a veterinarian).
  • Pet Disaster / Bug Out Bag – This could be your fastest way to treat minor cuts, bruises, or scratches at home or camping, hiking, backpacking, jogging and traveling near your dog’s favorite adventure spots. Before the onslaught of a hurricane, flood or dangerous storm, grab this pet first aid kit as your pet bug out bag.
  • Top Quality Product – The pet survival kit contains the necessary items to administer care to your dog, cat or small animal during a disaster or accidental injury until you can reach home or a vet. It’s the only pet kit that features WildCow® Vet Wrap for securely wrapping bandages.
  • Ideal Gift for Pet Owners – Do you know someone who loves their pet dearly? Or who loves to take care of pets as much as their own kids? Give them a Emergency Pet First Aid Kit!

WildCow Emergency First Aid Pet Kit Items

Compact, Durable First Aid Kit – 40 Pieces:

  • 1 * Gloves (Latex Free)
  • 1 * Scissors
  • 1 * Cotton swabs
  • 2 * Gauze roll
  • 4 * PBT bandage 2 inches x 4.4 yards
  • 4 * Gauze pads/swabs 12ply 5×5
  • 6 * Gauze pads/swabs 8ply 10×10
  • 4 * Antiseptic Providone-lodine Prep Pad
  • 3 * Cleansing wipe (alcohol free) soap disinfectant
  • 1 * Cotton tape simple package
  • 1 * Stainless steel tweezers
  • 1 * Silver emergency blanket (2 inches x 5 yards)
  • 1 * Pet nail clipper
  • 2 * Silicone folding bowl
  • 1 * Tan bug out bag
  • 2 * Pet tick trap (Big and small)
  • 2 * Alcohol disinfectant pad
  • 3 * WildCow® Vet Wrap (2,3,4 inch x 5 yards, variable colors)

Keep your pet safe and secure with this pet first aid kit for dogs.

Where to Buy

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