About Us

About the WildCow brand, people and productsOur journey began as a small store on Amazon. As we grew, we saw the need to make a home for ourselves. A home where we can express our creativity and have freedom of our own. A place where we can engage directly with you. A place of our own.

The theme we chose for our store is “Colors.”  God created everything in this world in many different colors and shades and we find it beautiful. Without a variety of colors to complement each other, our world feels dark and boring. Colors give joy to our hearts. Colors deliver diversity and beauty to our lives.

Besides being colorful, quality is a key part of our products. We want to give the best to you. So we inspect and ship our products from the USA. WildCow customer service is 100% U.S. based.

Every day is growing process for us. We want to add more colorful products for your home. Tell us how we can improve a product with a color idea or anything that can help us serve you better in the future, please share with us.  We love hearing from you.

We hope you get a kick out of WildCow.

Stay Colorful,
WildCow Team