WildCow Logistics

Authorized Vehicles Only sign next to Cow

We’re wild about Charles, our logistics manager. He’s the reason all your colorful products get delivered on time. And sometimes a little faster than you’d expect.


Charles has long history of getting from point A to B that started with outmaneuvering traffic cops in high school. He’s an automotive enthusiast living in a rural area of Georgia where he oversees product warehousing and delivery for WildCow. Take a peek into some of the innovative tools, processes and procedures Charles has developed for the benefit of our customers.

Know Your Local UPS Truck Driver

US Truck Found

UPS truck drivers can be elusive, especially in big cities. One great thing about having a warehouse in small town Georgia is that you can get to know and trust the people picking up and delivering your products. Charles knows where and when the UPS driver eats lunch. Charles even has his cell phone number. It’s all part of the logistics equation.

Stand Your Ground

Charles Standing his ground in chair in road

UPS truck drivers are some of the nicest and busiest people you’ll ever meet. Charles has a great rapport with them. It’s rare, but sometimes WildCow customer needs can come in conflict with driver needs. On some rare occasions, Charles is prepared to stand his ground.

Use All Available Tools

WildCow Logistics man, Charles standing next to Tank

When taking short cuts and car performance tweaks aren’t enough, it’s time to call for backup.

Don’t Ask Too Many Questions

Fedex Truck parked at UPS Store

Overthinking causes delays and that’s bad for logistics. And that’s bad for WildCow customers who need colorful products delivered on time.

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